Todayís Mass: Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time
    First Reading: even if Godís people (ĎZioní) feel abandoned by God, in fact God will never forget us.

    The Psalm is a song of confidence and trust in God. Perhaps when our faith is weak or we are beset by trials, this would be a good psalm to recite.

    Second Reading: in a reversal of our trust in God highlighted in the other Readings, St Paul says that God shows trust in us. He has made us stewards of his mysteries; will we be found worthy or wanting of this trust?

    After some very difficult and demanding words in previous weeks, and a warning about money, Our Lord in todayís Gospel tells us not to worry but to trust in God. These words are among the most powerful and popular in all of scripture. It is demanding being a disciple of Christ, but God generously gives good gifts to his children, so we should not fret ourselves.

    Today is a day of special prayer for the Unemployed; please pray for them and for agencies which seek to help them.

    The second collection today is a diocesan collection for Poor Parishes. This collection enables the Archbishop to make grants to some of the smaller parishes in the Diocese.

    Fr. David

    Lent begins on Wednesday, which is Ash Wednesday. The Readings focus on almsgiving, fasting, and prayer. In the Psalm we recognise that we are sinners, in need of Godís mercy.

    Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting and abstinence for those aged 14 to 59 (but those outside this age range can still observe this rule). Fasting means cutting out one meal a day. Abstinence means abstaining from eating meat. Although alcohol does not break the fast or abstinence its consumption would seem to be contrary to the spirit of penance.

    Mass with the imposition of ashes on Wednesday:

    St Thomasís 8:00am, 12:00noon, 1:45pm (attended by St Thomasí School), 8:00pm
    Holy Trinity, Otford 10:00am
    St Bernadetteís, West Kingsdown 11:00am

    Lent is the season in which catechumens prepare for their Baptism. In Lent the rest of us prepare for the celebration of Easter, by almsgiving, fasting, and prayer. During Lent, the vestments are violet or purple, the Gloria is not recited except on Feasts and Solemnities, and the Alleluia is never sung. There are no flowers in church, and use of the organ is only allowed to support singing.

    Please take a Lent 2017 leaflet, and plan your prayer, almsgiving, fasting and Lenten discipline NOW. Just as a mountain needs a valley so we can appreciate it, so the meaning of Easter is muted if we do not fully observe Lent.

    Hilary McNabb RIP
    The Funeral Mass of Hilary McNabb is on Thursday (2nd) at 2:30pm at Holy Trinity, Otford followed by Interment in Otford Cemetery.

    Marina Phillips RIP
    A Mass of Requiem for Marina Phillips will take place at 10:30am in St Thomasís on Saturday (4th).


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