First Reading: riches - and indeed health and beauty - are as nothing compared to Wisdom. For Christians, Wisdom in the Old Testament refers to Jesus Christ. Hence the great basilica in Constantinople (now Istanbul) ‘Hagia Sophia’ was dedicated to the Wisdom of God, the second person of the Trinity.

    Psalm: amid the brevity and cares of life we pray for wisdom and joy.

    Second Reading: the author describes the word of God. Is this the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ?

    Gospel: Jesus tells the rich young man to sell everything he owns and give the money to the poor, and then to follow Him. Are we to take this literally, that every Christian should give their possessions away? Or does it apply only to certain people, such as those in religious orders who take the vow of poverty? Or does it mean that each Christian should eliminate their particular impediment from following Jesus (which might be wealth, or lust, or sinfulness, or …..).

    Fr. David


    Day of Prayer
    Today in the Bishops’ Cycle of Prayer is a Day of Prayer for Prisoners and their Dependants; this week is ‘Prison’s Week’.

    Fourth Annual Mass Count
    The final Mass count is today.

    Food Bank collection
    Please place items in the baskets provided. For further information contact Isobel White (01732 461694).

    11:15am Mass
    The Traditional Choir leads the music today.

    This Week

    Monday: Bereavement Support Group
    Anyone who has been bereaved, whether recently or a while ago, is invited to come to this Support Group, from 10:30am – 12:00 noon in the Parish Room (please enter via the Granville Road door, not through the church). Contact details are on the inside back page.

    Monday: Why? Course
    At 8:00pm in the Upper Room in the Parish Centre; anyone who is interested in becoming a Catholic is invited to come along on Monday, to watch a DVD – ‘Why the Church?’ – followed by a discussion. If you know someone who might be interested in becoming a Catholic, give them a personal invitation to come; if necessary come along with them, so they don’t feel too nervous to come. More information from Andrew La Trobe: email.

    Tuesday: Mass
    Year 2 from St Thomas’ School attend the 9:30am Mass. As usual parents and other family members are invited to attend as well.

    Tuesday: RCIA Reunion Supper
    All those adults recently Baptized or Received into the Church are invited to the Reunion, at 7:30pm for 8:00pm in the Parish Centre.

    Wednesday: Safety checks
    Precision Safety Services will be visiting all four churches, to check fire extinguishers, lightning conductors, etc and to conduct PAT tests.

    Wednesday: SVP District Meeting
    On Wednesday evening we play host to a meeting of the SVP District representatives.

    Saturday: ‘Caring, Sharing, Helping Others’
    Gerry Coates in Concert
    On Saturday at 7:00pm, Gerry Coates will give a concert in St Thomas’s Church. Gerry (of Heavens Road, the online Catholic Radio) is a Catholic singer, songwriter, poet, and storyteller. Free admission to the concert; exhibition of Christian organisations which help those in need. Why not come to the 6:00pm Mass and stay on for the free concert?

    Next Sunday

    St Bernadette’s Consecration Anniversary
    The 30th Consecration Anniversary falls next Sunday. This means that the Readings and Prayers will be from that Solemnity, not from the 29th Sunday of the Year. The normal Sunday propers will apply at the other three churches.

    Second Collection: MIssio
    The second collection for World Mission Day will be for Missio, the church’s official organ for the support of foreign missions. The money goes directly from this country to the Bishops in the mission territories: local church directly helping local church.


    Children’s Liturgy of the Word at St Thomas’s
    Children’s Liturgy of the Word – as the title suggests - is an age appropriate Liturgy for pre First Holy Communion children (and them only), and is their part of this section of the Mass. It is not age appropriate for adults, and is not suitable for them. Moreover, the presence of their parents distracts the children (and the catechists). Please note also that we must comply with Safeguarding legislation, which requires those adults who regularly attend to be DBS checked.

    For both of these reasons it is not permitted for adults other than the DBS checked catechists authorised by the Parish Priest to be present.

    This means that when the Celebrant invites the children to go out, only the children should do so. Parents who go out to the Children’s Liturgy of the Word will be asked to return to the church for their own Liturgy of the Word. Very rarely there may be exceptions: for example if a child has special needs (but this must be arranged with the lead Catechist beforehand), or if on a one-off occasion the Catechist asks a parent to assist so as to ensure the correct ratio of adults to children.

    If a small child won’t go with the other children, he or she will have to stay in church with the parent(s). Things like Safeguarding can be irksome, but it is vital that we fully comply with the law concerning Safeguarding, so we ask all parents to comply with these regulations (which are determined by the Safeguarding Office, not by us).

    Bookcase and Advent wreaths
    The St Thomas’s Children’s Liturgy of the Word need a replacement bookcase in the Library as the present one is broken. Can anyone kindly donate one?

    Also, they are looking for a parishioner who can create 3 Advent wreaths each year for the three groups. Please contact the Parish Office if you can help.

    School Form signing
    Please email Fr David to make an appointment for him to countersign school Supplementary Forms.

    Holy Land Pilgrimage
    Fr David will be away from the parish from Monday 22nd October to Thursday 1st November, on a Holy Land Pilgrimage with the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. This may sound like a jolly holiday, but is in fact very much a working pilgrimage, visiting the parishes, schools, hospitals and social projects the Knights support in the Holy Land.

    Advance Notice: All Saints Day
    This Solemnity, a Holyday of Obligation, falls on Thursday 1st November. To enable everyone to get to Mass that day, Holy Mass will be as follows:
    St Thomas’s: 8:00am (Latin), 9:30am (with St Thomas’School), 12:00 noon, 8:00pm (attended by Confirmation candidates).
    Holy Trinity: 10:00am
    St Bernadette’s: 11:00am
    St Joseph’s: 6:00pm.

    Parish Christmas Party
    On Sunday 2nd December, 1:00 – 4:00pm in St Luke’s Hall, Eardley Road. Book the date NOW!

    Solidarity across the Channel
    Conversations at St Paul’s Church, Dover, from 10:30am this Saturday, 20th October. ‘Seeking Sanctuary’, the Justice & Peace Commissions of Southwark and Westminster, and a French association, invite all concerned about this, to come and share experiences, efforts, and hopes for the migrants in Calais.

    Deanery Teachers’ Mass
    At St Gregory’s Catholic School on Monday 5th November at 4:00pm, followed by refreshments. All teachers in the Catholic schools in the Deanery, Catholic teachers in schools outside the Deanery or in non-Catholic schools, and retired Catholic teachers are invited.

    Lost Property
    Can’t find your glasses? The lost property is overflowing in the porch at St Thomas’s. Please do check it to see if anything belongs to you. All unclaimed property will be donated to a local charity shop.


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